The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) stand as beacons of academic excellence and industry relevance, attracting top-tier management talent from around the world. For aspiring students, let’s grasp when does IIM session start nuances of the academic calendar are pivotal to navigating the journey toward securing a coveted seat at these prestigious institutions.


Let’s find out when does IIM session start to unravel the timeline of IIM sessions, shedding light on the commencement of academic pursuits at these esteemed establishments.


Understanding When the IIM Session Starts:


when does IIM session start

1. Admission Process:


The gateway to an IIM begins with a rigorous admission process. Typically spanning from September to December, this period witnesses the release of admission notifications, triggering the registration and application process for various management programs offered by the institutes.


2. CAT Examination:


The Common Admission Test (CAT) serves as the cornerstone for admission into IIMs and other premier management institutes across India. Administered annually in November or December, CAT evaluates candidates on multiple parameters including quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, verbal ability, and logical reasoning.


3. Shortlisting and Interviews:


Following the CAT examination, IIMs embark on the task of shortlisting candidates based on their performance and additional criteria such as academic records, work experience, and diversity factors. Shortlisted candidates undergo personal interviews, group discussions, and written ability tests typically conducted between January and March.


when does IIM session start

4. Final Selection and Offer Letters:


Post the completion of interviews and assessments, IIMs finalize the selection process and extend offers of admission to successful candidates. This phase, generally occurring between April and May, sees aspiring students receiving offer letters delineating the program they have been admitted to, along with pertinent instructions.


5. Commencement of Academic Session:


The academic journey at IIMs traditionally commences in June or July. This marks the onset of a transformative experience characterized by rigorous coursework, industry interactions, case studies, and experiential learning opportunities that shape the future leaders of tomorrow.




The commencement of an IIM session signifies the culmination of months of preparation, dedication, and anticipation for aspiring management professionals. From the arduous CAT examination to the exhilarating moment of securing an offer of admission, the path to an IIM is nothing short of transformative. As students embark on their academic voyage, they immerse themselves in a realm of intellectual exploration, collaboration, and personal growth, under the guidance of unparalleled faculty and resources offered by IIMs. For those aspiring to tread the corridors of India’s premier management institutions, deciphering the timeline of the IIM session serves as the first step towards realizing their aspirations and embarking on a journey of excellence.



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