Profitable Business Ideas in Arapov Dol with Low Investment in 2022-23

Starting a business and being your boss is the new normal. Since the pandemic hit people have turned to open their businesses. Here is a list of businesses you can start and scale up in no time.  


 Online Businesses you can Start in Arapov Dol

 The user base of the internet has increased and is said to increase in the coming years. So running an online business can get you a huge customer base and scale up your business fast. Here’s the list of online businesses you can start in (location) in 2022.

  • Drop Shipping 

Dropshipping is a simple and low-risk online business. Drop shipping enables you to sell the products without holding the stock or inventory. 

It is a process of shipping directly to the customer from a third-party vendor. The additional cost of storing and shipping the goods you sell is eliminated in this business model.

  • Offer Digital Marketing Services

In today’s time, businesses need an online presence to sustain in the growing competition. Social media management, Facebook and Google ads are a few digital marketing services you can offer to businesses around you. 

You can become a freelance digital marketer or start your own agency. To start this online business you need some technical knowledge.


  • Start an Online Store

Selling goods online has a lot of benefits as opposed to setting an offline store at one location and staying restricted to that particular place. 

An online store enables you to sell your products and services to multiple locations and grow your business across the country you live in. The best part about an online store is that you can easily sell a wide variety of products.


  • Online Thrift Shop

In your thrift store, you can sell used goods such as furniture, clothes, vintage show pieces, books or designer handbags, jackets etc. 

Always explore your options, get in touch with the suppliers and launch your online thrift store.



  • Tutor Online

If you know any skills that are valuable to others or any subject that you are an expert in and teach them as per your expertise. You can teach any age group. 

You can also get in touch with any online tutoring services and work with them as a freelance tutor.



  • Reselling Store

Just like drop shipping online reselling does not require a huge capital amount and can be done with ease. 

This business too gives you the freedom to sell any kinds of goods such as clothes, furniture, electronics or kitchenware and many more. 


  • Online Bookstore  

Books have gained popularity with time and their demand is increasing day by day. Selling new books or reselling the old ones can be a good business to start.

By catering to the needs of avid readers you can become their go-to store for all the books they need.  



Small Businesses you can Start in (location)

Here are some of the small businesses you can start in 2022.

  • Start a Restaurant 

India has a wide variety of cultures and cuisines. You can serve all types of Indian cuisines or focus on only one type as per your preference.

A good location with high footfall is one of the important factors for your restaurant apart from the taste and hospitality.  



  • Sweet and Snacks Store

India has a wide variety of sweets like cuisines and people love celebrations and sweets are an important part of all the celebrations.

You can also take this sweets business online and provide a home delivery service. You can also sell snacks in this store. 


  • Personal Fitness Trainer

Since the covid-19 pandemic hit everyone has become health conscious and wants to stay healthy. You can take this chance to train them to stay fit.

You can have your clients or tie up with a gym to provide your service. 



  • Business Consultancy

If you are someone who has the required knowledge of business administration and management, you can launch your business consultancy service since running a business is not an easy job. 

You can help the businesses around you operating in various segments such as social media marketing, human resource, public relations etc.



  • Classical Music Trainer

If you know any art form and if you can teach it well you can open your own academy. You can also hire other professional trainers to teach various art forms.

The demand for learning art forms and performing arts has increased since everyone is keen to learn to express themselves. 



  • Courier Services 

You can cater courier services to local businesses and build your network in your respective location.

Courier is an affiliate service business that gives you a chance to work with various brands and grow your connections. 



  • Recycling Business

Many businesses are trying to become more environmentally friendly and you can do your part by recycling the trash and earning your income at the same time.  

Environmental-friendly businesses are the best kind!



  • Become a Makeup Artist

Being a makeup artist is one of the most lucrative careers in India at this moment. Your services can be bridal makeup, photoshoot, party makeup, runaway makeup etc. 

The careers related to the beauty and fashion industry are in demand and can be a good option for you if you have the right knowledge and relevant skills.


  • Foreign Language Services

Gone are the times when knowing English was enough. There is more demand for other foreign languages. Understanding and teaching a foreign language is a high-earning skill.

If you have a good command of any foreign language you can become a translator or a tutor or both and enjoy the high rewards you get. 



  • Start a Nail Salon

The beauty industry comes up with a new trend every now and then; one such trend is nail art and extensions. 

You can offer various services like manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, gel extensions, nail art and a plethora of other options. Any business in the beauty and fashion industry can make you a fortune. 

  • Start an Event Planning Agency

If you are someone who knows how to party and can organize and plan a party then this is the best idea for you. The industry of events is cooking with time and now is your chance to step in.

The domain of events is vast. You can offer services like wedding planning, corporate events planning, birthday and kitty parties etc.  



New Business Ideas

If you want to do something different here are some ideas you can try!

  • A Leather Processing Unit 

Leather goods can never go out of the market and establishing a leather processing unit is a potentially high-earning business. 


  • Tea Brand

The love for tea in the heart of Indians is never going to die and if you can give them a cup of tea with an unforgettable taste they will always come back to you.

This business does not require huge investment yet can give you high profits and the short term. 

  • Home-based Bakery

If you have a liking for baking and can bake well you can a home-based bakery. There is no need to make a huge investment.

If you can provide quality products you can get many customers in no time.  



  • Cloud Kitchen

Nowadays setting up a full-fledged restaurant is a big task, you can launch your fast-food cloud kitchen. 

You can tie up with major fast-food chains and fulfil their orders. 



  • Career Counselling Service 

With many available options, students can get confused while choosing what career they want to pursue. 

No one wants to end up in a job they hate so it is very important to choose a field you like and a career counsellor can play a major role in that process. 



  • Sell Football Merchandise

Love for sports is immense in our country. Football has gained a lot of popularity in India in the past few years and all football fans are always eager to buy the merchandise. 

League season or not you will never fall short of orders. 

  • Instrument Store

Performing arts is a form of expressing oneself hence more and more people are learning to play one or the other instrument.

So opening a musical instrument store is a very good business idea. 



  • Wifi Installation Company

The demand for wifi services has increased in the recent past. People need wifi connections in their homes, offices and shops. 

You need to make a small investment to buy all the required setups to provide the service. 

  • CCTV and Surveillance

The need for security and surveillance has been increasing day by day and people are ready to spend an extra penny to make sure their premises are safe, be it their house, office or product inventory. 

 You just need to make a small investment for the setup. This business has immense scope now and in the future as well.



  • Travel Services

Time has changed and people are traveling often for personal and business purposes. You can make profits by making all the arrangements such as booking flight, train, bus tickets, accommodations or the entire tour package depending upon the requirement of the customer.

This is one of the businesses you can start without any huge investment.