Common Managerial Round Interview Questions at Porter with Answer


Managerial Round Interview Questions at Porter


The managerial round is usually the last round in the hiring process at Porter. In this round, you will be interviewed by the managers at Porter. Here are some of the common managerial round Interview questions at Porter.


How do you prioritise your tasks?

In any job role, you need to be responsible and learn how to prioritize the work and utilize your time well and make the most of it. At organisation Porter it might happen that many tasks pile up and you need to prioritize ones which are urgent as well as important at the given moment. 


Example: “When I need to prioritize, I start by making lists of the tasks to be done and arrange them in the order of most important and urgent to least important. This gives me a clear view of what is important in the present moment and what can be done later.  If some work needs to be delegated to others that will be done on priority. At times when necessary, I will first complete the tasks that take the most time and effort to take the burden off or sometimes I even complete the small tasks to gain momentum and complete the rest in the best possible way”


How do you handle mistakes at work?

It’s human to make mistakes but what is more important than realizing the mistake is to accept it and work on creating a plan to correct them in every way possible. Consider providing an example of a mistake and how you corrected it/handled the consequences. 


Example: “ Whenever I have made any mistakes at a workplace I have always informed the person who was affected by it. I will let them know what exactly was the mistake and how I plan to rectify it as soon as I can. Our mistakes give us an opportunity to learn something new every time. It is important that we are ready to accept that we have made a mistake and come up with possible solutions. ” 


What motivated you to seek employment at Porter?

It is common for freshers to apply for a job in many companies at a time. Your answers can give insights into how much research you have done about the Porter before applying for the job. To know more about the company you are applying for you can refer to their LinkedIn and website. 


Example: “ Ever since I started my career in (your profession) I have watched the outstanding work Porter has been doing. I think it will be a great opportunity for me to join this company and learn more about (your profession). This job can give me greater insights and increase my knowledge about the market and the new trends. I have also heard about the work ethic and company culture and it is one of the reasons I have applied for a role in your company.”


What are you motivated by? 

At Porter the hiring managers will ask this question to know more about you and what motivates you to work and see how the company can help you stay motivated to work.  


Example: “ I am a result-oriented person who gets motivated by completing my tasks on time and bringing out the best results. I feel happy and motivated even if I complete a small task. It won’t be wrong to say I’m a self-motivated person hence I do not need external validation, sometimes it is needed when the job is difficult but the rest of the time my self-motivation is enough to get the job done”


What do you think about the manager providing you with feedback?

It is quite obvious to get feedback from co-workers, seniors and managers. By taking the feedback you can learn and grow more in your job role. The sole purpose of asking this question is to know how well you take feedback. 


Example: “I really enjoy getting feedback from others. It can happen often that we fail to notice our flaws or even the things we are good at. Feedbacks help us grow and get better at our work. Hence I will be glad to receive feedback from others irrespective of their position. ” 


How do you build a positive relationship with your co-workers?

Having a good relationship with your co-workers can help you with many things such as when you do not know what to do in a particular scenario or are stuck on some task or you can also ask for improvements on how to carry out a project well and get the very best outcome from it.


Example: “I think it is very important to establish a good relationship with the people whom we work with and maybe that’s the reason behind co-working spaces are being built in many offices. We humans, function better when we have good relationships with people around us. Having good relationships help us in many aspects of work and keep us motivated for work. I would really love to know my colleagues better and have fun while working with them.”


Explain how will you present a complex task in a simplified way. 

There are times when you are given a task which is a bit complicated to execute hence it is needed to break it down in the most simplified way possible and carry it out in an efficient way possible.


Example: “There are a few ways by which I can use to explain a difficult task. First I break it down into simpler and doable steps, staying organised is the key to carrying out complex tasks. I opt for smart work wherever needed.” 


If your thoughts conflict with your co-worker, how will you handle this situation? 

No matter where you go there will be people who will not agree with you or have some other conflicts with you. In a workplace having disputes is not a very good situation for you as an employee and the company as an organisation. This is one of the Common Managerial Round Interview Questions at Porter since having a good relationship with your co-workers at Porter.


Example: “ It is necessary to resolve the conflicts and move on to get the tasks at hand. Finding a solution becomes crucial in this scenario. To find the optimal solution I will talk to the relevant person and resolve the conflict and make sure no such situation occurs in the future.” 


What will you do if the team is against your idea? 

This question is asked with the intent of knowing how you deal with disagreements at the workplace. You might describe the tactics you will employ to come to common ground and convey your idea to your team in the best possible way. 


Example: “Implementing new ideas at the workplace can be difficult at times especially when it will be bringing significant changes to the company as a whole. It is important to convey your idea in the best possible way and if they still disagree I would ask them for any alternate suggestions if they have any. Otherwise, I will strive to collect additional resources to obtain their support.” 


What will be your reaction if the deadline is revised for the project you are working on? 

It is pretty normal when deadlines or the process of working on an ongoing project changes and your reaction should be appropriate and in favour of getting the project done in the best way possible. 


Example: “ My very first step will be to consult the manager/supervisor and ask the reason behind the changes and I will make sure that these facts and reasons are genuine and important. Then I will go ahead and inform the team that has been working on the project. Once the team knows about the changes I will discuss the new plan and take suggestions from the team and resume the project as soon as possible.”


How will be deal with the work that has been criticized by your boss or manager?

The most important thing to understand in this situation is that no one is always right or perfect and criticism can help us grow if we take it in a positive manner. 


Example: “ Constructive criticism is vital for growth. If my manager/supervisor criticizes my work I will ask them for suggestions on how I can improvise and try to follow the suggestions given and implement them in all the ways possible. And if there are any mistakes in the work I will learn from those and make sure the same mistake doesn’t happen again.”


What was your role and responsibility in your recent job/project?

This is one of the initial questions that will be asked in any technical round of interviews. The intent behind this question is to know more about you and the work you have done previously. Make sure you use appropriate and technical words while answering. 


Example: “ The last role I was appointed was (your position) and my work comprised of (mention what you did in short).”


What will you do if you were asked to do a task and weren’t sure how to do it? 

It sometimes happens that you do not know everything about everything. So you need to ask, learn the things you don’t know and grow your knowledge. 


Example: “ If I was assigned to do a task and I’m not sure how to do it I will first do my own research and find out how exactly I can carry out the given task. I will then talk to my peers who have done a similar task in the past and ask for their suggestions and guidance.” 


What technical certifications do you have?

The intent behind this question is to understand how technically sound you are in your field and what software you can handle and work on comfortably. 


Example: “ For a (your profession) it is essential to know (mention the software that is mainly needed ) and I am certified in (mentions your certifications). I am always in the process of learning and I will keep learning more relevant skills and software. 


What new and upcoming technologies are you excited about?

The intent of this question is to know hope up-to-date you are in your particular field. Staying up-to-date with the new technology gives you an inside edge in your profession and that helps you succeed. 


Example: “ In the last week I found out that this new software named XYZ is coming soon and it will be on market by the end of the quarter. I’m excited about this software because (mention some of the important functions of the software and how it will simplify the ongoing process ). As it provides value and will be resourceful to all the (your profession). 


Why do you think learning new technology is important and how do you learn them? 

No matter where you go learning never stops. Your job role is one of the things that teach you a lot. 


Example: “ I’m always ready to learn new things and I believe to keep moving forward learning new things is very very important to stay ahead and grow. Whenever I decide to learn new things I first research whether or not it is worth my time and efforts. Once I’m ensured that it is worth the time and effort I will be putting I start learning the small and simple things and then go to the difficult and big ones. I’m a fast learner and that helps me learn more in a small amount of time.” 


Can you describe your contribution to the last project you worked on? Did you face any difficulties, if yes how did you tackle the difficulties? 

Working on different kinds of projects helps you learn new things all the time and difficulties play an important role in this learning process. when it comes to Common Managerial Round Interview Questions at Porter this is the most asked question so make sure you prepare it very well.


Example: “ My last project was (mention the project title). Initially, the process was going really smooth but midway we found out there was a glitch in the software we were working with which potentially pushed the deadline by a week. I consulted with my manager and took suggestions on how we can fix this and get the project done at the earliest.” 


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