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This Digital Marketing course will transform you into a complete digital marketer with expertise in the top eight digital marketing domains search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile, and email marketing. Fast-track your career in digital marketing today with practical training you can apply on the job.

Course Highlights

  • ILive Project Training
  • IIndustry Trainers
  • I100 % Job Assistance
  • I1:1 Mentorship
  • ICareer Guidance

Certification Partners 

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Hubspot
  • Apple

Advanced Curriculum

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
2. Website Design & Development
3. Ecommerce Website Design & Development
4. SEO – Search Engine Optimization
5. Social Media Marketing (SMO & SMM)
6. Google Adwords/Ads (SEM & PPC)

Learning Path Components


You will work on multiple case studies, assignments, and projects in this program that will help make you a confident digital marketer. You get to fast track your career in the digital marketing field and become an expert by mastering the most in-demand skills, techniques and tools.

Learning Path Component # 1 – Website

It is the online address of your business/brand, having a proper official website is very important for success of your online marketing strategy. Make sure that your official website satisfies the following must-haves:

  • The website has to be user-friendly.
  • Should speak about your business/brand.
  • Include all essential contact information.
  • Website design should be professional, clean and easy to navigate.
  • Website should be responsive.
  • Your services/products should have individual pages that would help you track your conversions and monitor your performance.
Learning Path Component # 2: SEO

Many users and customers start their journey on search engines, by searching for the products and services they need. So, are you getting found when they are looking for services/products offered by your business?

Search Engine Optimization can help you found on search engines like Google or Bing. When you optimize your website/blog properly using the targeted keywords of your business, search engine ranks your website in the search results; making it easily visible to the users. SEO is not that easy as it seems, main key to success is proper optimization and patience.

Learning Path Component # 3- Paid Ads

Well, SEO is very valuable and also time-taking procedure, and in this competitive world, gaining quick exposure is quite important for building strong customer base as discussed by Lead Conversion Squared system that focuses on building leads that buy. For instant results, opt for paid advertising on various online channels. Google offers Google Adwords and Social Media platforms also offer paid advertising options, that provides right exposure and advertises your business to the targeted audiences. Investing in paid ads is a great way to put your digital marketing strategy in the right direction and reach your goals in a faster pace.

Learning Path Component #4: Social Media

When we say digital marketing, social media is the nondetachable and unavoidable part of it. Everyone is more and more active on social media platforms when compared to any other online entity, so reaching and connecting with your customers is easy through social media presence.

Utilize social media channels, to get connected to your customers and influencers. Social Media is powerful as you can directly talk to your customers and know what they are thinking about your products/services; so that you can grow more and more.

Learning Path Component #5: Content Marketing

Content is king, and will always be. Creation of content (like blog posts, videos, photos, social media posts, etc) and sharing it on different online platforms for brand awareness, lead generation, growth of traffic, gaining more customers or building reputation; is mainly called as content marketing. Precisely, this marketing is done implicitly to gain interests of the customers with the help of content, without promoting the business directly.

Learning Path Component # 6: Email Marketing

Email is a great and most effective way to keep in touch with your customers and talk about your services/products. Through emails you can showcase your services, Talk about new offers or resolve customers’ issues. In short, you can maintain healthy relationship with your customers and influence them to do word-of-mouth marketing to new audiences about your business.

Learning Path Component # 7: Blogging

Having a blog for your business is a must, as it stands out to be additional asset for promoting your business. Blog would help you attain more trust from the users and authenticity in the market.

Integrate a blog on your official website and share content that would provide information and educate your users. Talking about marketing your business digitally, through blog you get to share more content on social platforms and communicate with your users, other than just sharing promotional content. And business that blogs gains more traffic to their website compared to businesses that don’t.

Learning Path Component # 8: Analytics

Greatest asset of digital marketing is that you can measure your performance and efficiency through Analytics. There are many analytics tools that would help you analyze and measure your marketing campaigns through website, blog, social media channels and paid advertising. The analytics data is crucial for increasing your performance and also for generating more leads.

Learning Path Component # 9 – Resume
Learning Path Component # 10 – Soft Skills



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I am Thankful to EDIIFY for helping me to build my career into Digital Marketing. They are not only committing for placement but also placing students in good reputed companies. I would highly recommend others EDIIFY Digital Marketing Course.
Poornima Das

SMM Executive, Logicloop

EDIIFY is agreeably best place to learn digital marketing. It doesn’t matter if you are a rookie, they will groom you in the best way possible. – Want to learn digital marketing, choose EDIIFY.
Nitya Shetty

SEO Executive, Maze infocom solutions private limited

Undoutedly,this institution can be considered as one of the most innovative and creative place to learn digital marketing. The methods implemented by the company are practical and innovative to achieve marketing success in real life situations.
Bhavika Dalvi

DM Trainee, Critical Mention

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What is a Digital Marketing Course?

What is a Digital Marketing Course?

Let’s understand where a typical millennial [young internet generation kid] is hanging around with his valuable time. Also, a young population of age between 18 to 35 is doing online with their desktop, mobile and other gadgets.

Note: The young population are new employees of an organization and earning money to spend on their luxuries such as Entertainment, Mobile, Lifestyle and other gadgets etc.


Where do they buy this stuff? Yes! you guessed it right Online [Digital].

So, before making a buying decision what they are doing.

They watch ads on television, websites, Facebook, YouTube etc.

They also read reviews online [Google, YouTube and other Review websites] before buying the products/services.

In a nutshell:

Nowadays, people get to know about new products/services online and they are convinced to buy them when they see good reviews.

A Digital Marketing Course is the one which teaches how to:

Get noticed on Search Engines [Google/Bing]

Make Brand awareness

generate an Interest with the audience about product/service offerings

Educate the Products/Services [webinars, videos and podcasts etc.]

shows a social proof to Consider the Products/Services

Leads the users to buying persona

Finally, Converts the users to buy the product or Services.

A combination of Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing will help to achieve all of the above. [This combination is also know as Integrated Digital/Online Marketing]

So all in all the course should teach you about:

How to rank higher in Google/Bing Search Engines [Get noticed when user types about the product or service requirement on Google]

How to make a brand awareness in social channels [Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.]

How to write content about product/services[ on websites/blog/video content on YouTube etc.] [For education or info about products/services]

How to communicate with the customer over an email.

How to re-market and retain the customers with social media and email marketing automation.

Conversion Rates, Website/Mobile Optimization, A/B Testing and Analytics are also a great advanced topics that a Digital Marketer should be aware.

Is it worth taking a Digital Marketing Course ?

Is it worth taking a Digital Marketing Course ?
Indeed, Digital Marketing merits taking up for what it’s worth in the pattern and one of the quickest developing profession decisions as this course has more open doors in the present and up and coming situation. Digital Marketing  benefits each client to overhaul their items/benefits and advance them in the advanced stage.
The course has alternatives to pick in what ways you need to work all through and one can even pick the entire Digital Marketing course and its best purpose is that it doesn’t require some investment to finish the course, max to 3 months is sufficient and one can go after positions directly after the course completion. The Traditional Marketer can likewise take up this course and improve their insight to another level. These Traditional Marketers have an or more point that they definitely know the Marketing  methodologies just they need to become familiar with the online systems to overhaul themselves in the advanced stages.
These days individuals are highly connected with online life stages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so forth. In the event that the advancements are done here, the reaction will be vastly improved. With the goal that’s the way Digital Marketing comes into the situation.
Similarly, there are some various zones of advanced Digital Marketing :
1. Search engine optimization
2. Social media Marketing
3. Pay Per Click Marketing
4. Affiliate marketing
5. Email marketing
6. Content marketing
7. Mobile marketing
8. Online Reputation Management
And Many more…

Why should you choose EDIIFY?

Why should you choose EDIIFY?

Digital Marketing is significant for each business to accomplish their focus on objectives. That’s the reason we’re offering Internet or Digital Marketing Course in India. Digital Marketing is a standout amongst other perfect ways to deal with sell items and administrations on Digital and to get the greatest presentation. These days a larger part of associations use Digital and Internet advertising to make their image presumed according to their customers and moreover according to look engines.

We give an Advanced Digital Marketing Training Courses in India . We are a champion among the most reasonable Digital  Marketing Institute establishments in Navi Mumbai. We also give one free Website (If you Join Our Internet or Digital Marketing Courses in India ) with the aim that our  Students  can complete their own specific Internet just as Digital Marketing systems to rank it one at Google. You can see Below our Digital Marketing course , SEO, SMO, PPC and Blogging course details and charges.

We ought to have a short note on “What Digital  Marketing really is” before joining the Digital Marketing Course.  It covers numerous online Marketing  modules, for example, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Pay per Click Optimization, Professional Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense. It additionally incorporates email promoting. Digital Marketing is a heap of systems with the assistance of a website admin ( Digital Marketer) attempting to accomplish higher rankings in Digital crawlers like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

How many certifications does EDIIFY provide?

How many certifications does EDIIFY provide?

These certification are important:

  • Google Search Advertising certification
  • Google Display Advertising certification
  • Google Fundamental certification
  • Google Shopping Ads certification
  • Google Mobile ads certification
  • Google Analytics certification
  • Bing ads Certification
  • Facebook Blueprint certification

Digital marketing eligibility criteria

Digital marketing eligibility criteria

1-You need to have a completed bachelor’s degree (from any stream) or 12th Pass

2-You also need to work on your analytical skills, communication skills, persuasion skills etc.

  1. Also for that very reason, you need to have a constant learning attitude and keep yourself abreast of the latest trends in the technology in order to stay ahead of your competition.


BEST Digital Marketing Course in India

BEST Digital Marketing Course in India


EDIIFY offers the “finest” and Best Digital Marketing Course in India. Do you know what makes EDIIFY the Best Digital Marketing Classes?

It is the prime and enthusiastic team of EDIIFY that presents the Digital Marketing Course training with such efficiency that it stands out to be the prominent provider of Best Digital Marketing Course in India.

The Digital Marketing Course offered by EDIIFY allows its learners to take hands-on experience along with Digital Marketing training. Throughout the course, our team guide the students to understand the in-depth detail about the Digital Marketing Course.  Along with this, the students get the opportunity to interact with the clients of EDIIFY to get to know about the Digital Marketing environment in the current market.


Why Digital Marketing ?

The demand for Digital Marketing Professionals is on the peak in the current market. Jobs in Digital Marketing increases by 300% every year. The market, on the other hand, creates the demand for “skilled” Digital Marketing Professionals. This is it that makes EDIIFY to furnish its students and make them market-ready with the Best Digital Marketing Course in India.

Digital Marketing Course is the collection of components and functions consisting of it. Our Digital Marketing Institute in India and its team ensures that they deliver all the components of Digital Marketing Course with utter responsibility.

One of the biggest assets of our institute is its trainers. EDIIFY being the fastest growing Digital Marketing Institute in India has a skilled team of trained professionals to provide the Best Digital Marketing Course in India to the students at its centre.

EDIIFY is the master in providing all the below-mentioned components with a Digital Marketing Courses in India.

Digital Marketing Course Components 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to optimize the contents, so it will show up when someone is searching for the information,
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is SEO with paid advertising on the search engine,
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization) is the marketing of a brand over social media platforms,
  • WordPress that will help a non-coder to create a website
  • Content Marketing to create updated, unique and easy to read contents which will appeal the audience,
  • Advertising over apps, webpages, videos etc. to drive paid traffic,
  • Email Marketing to do regular follow up with the existing and new audience.

Along with the above mentioned components, this Digital Marketing Course also contains Google Analytics and ORM (Online Reputation Management), which exposes the learner to the methods to create their own business plan, the metrics that will help them to measure growth step by step and the importance of communicating and managing the skills and components of Digital Marketing Course.

EDIIFY makes the training of Digital Marketing Course very easy by integrating all the above-mentioned components during the course period making it as one of the Best Digital Marketing Course in India.


Training and Learning :-


Top Digital Marketing Course in India

We at EDIIFY allow its students to take hands-on experience at our very own Digital Marketing Agency called Loftyrise. 

Loftyrise is also one of the fastest-growing Digital Marketing Agency in India with a bunch of experience. It gives the necessary opportunity for the learners from EDIIFY to work with our clients all over from India, USA and UK. Hence students get the chance to interact with all kinds of clients and get to know the Digital Marketing field nationally and internationally.

EDIIFY lets its students work on live projects at their own Digital Marketing Agency Loftyrise. The very impressive attribute of the agency is its corporate experience with Disney India, Hungama TV, UTV, Ford, Bindaas to name a few. Along with this, it also allows the learners to take up opportunities from internships, full time and part-time jobs, freelancing projects of their own choice.




Trainers at EDIIFY :


In the beginning, we made it very clear that EDIIFY is a team of prime and enthusiastic Digital Marketing Professionals. They are the best in their field who intend to inspire more individuals to become even better. The trainers here are also the one reason behinds EDIIFY and its success. They have applied their knowledge and experience to outline the Best Digital Marketing Course in India.

The reason why the trainers are top-notch is that they never stop learning. It is their knowledge and experience that they share with the students. They constantly keep track of recent trends and come up with strategies to be the best. This experience not only helps them but also the students learning from them.

Our trainers are also the one who has dealt with numerous domestic and international clients. They have a clear insight to the Digital Marketing Era and hence are the best in business. And we provide our students with the experts who are best in business in this Digital Marketing Course.

All our trainers are trained professionals in SEO, SMO, ORM, Google Analytics and Advertising. And hence students can choose anything they wish to pursue based on their interest. They will get professional teaching in any of the selected courses. The teaching methods of these professors is a combination of knowledge, practical and corporate experience. 

These qualities of our professionals make the Digital Marketing Course offered at EDIIFY the Best Digital Marketing Course in India.






Before choosing the best, get known to the best. What makes EDIIFY the provider of the Best Digital Marketing Course in India is because in our offered Digital Marketing Course we equip the learners with required skills for a Digital Marketer.

The Digital Marketing Course at EDIIFY is designed with a set of numerous skills. The following are the reasons why Digital Marketing is a very good addition to your skillset and resume:

  • Data Analysis Skills 

In today’s business world, any form of consumer information comes in the form of data. Hence it becomes important to study these data and create an effective marketing strategy. Our Digital Marketing Course is the perfect deal that will enable you with such Data Analytical Skills that will assist you to be an incredible Digital Marketer by avoiding inefficiencies in marketing decisions.

  • Writing, Listening and Editing Skills

Analysis of Data is steppingstone in the skills set. As a Digital Marketer, it is also important for one to create effective content. This Digital Marketing Course will reveal the right technique to analyse contents and write fresh content or an SEO friendly content with the inputs of keywords in it. The skill of writing an SEO friendly Content helps the business to generate traffic and leads to bring more and more business. One can easily enhance this particular skill with EDIIFY’s Digital Marketing Course.


  • SEO and SEM Skills

Very well-written content is only effective when it is delivered to the right person at the right time on the right platform. With this Digital Marketing Course, one will learn the SEO and SEM strategies to drive traffic. Google Algorithms keeps on changing. The highly skilled professionals of EDIIFY keeps an update on these changing algorithms constantly and come up with techniques and strategies that are required to tackle these changes efficiently. All these strategies are well reflected in the offered Digital Marketing Course.


  • Social Media Skills

The presence of the entire decision-making community of consumers can be monitored over the various Social Media platforms. With the help of the Best Digital Marketing Course in India, one will be able to equip themselves with the skill to engage with this community regularly and consistently. Social Media Advertising, Creative Ad Experiments, Social Media Data Analytic tools are the in-builds that one will get in the offered Digital Marketing Course.

  • Mobile Marketing Skills

It is said that more than half of B2B buyers do their product research on mobile phones while 51% of consumers have discovered new businesses on their mobile phones. The offered Digital Marketing Course is well equipped with all the essentials to create mobile-friendly contents that can drive traffic for the business.

The above set of skills makes the offered Digital Marketing Course of EDIFY the Best Digital Marketing Course in India.


Why Digital Marketing?


NEED OF THE BEST Digital Marketing Course in India

For a student,

  • Growing Demand,
  • Higher Job Opportunities,
  • Less competition,
  • Higher salaries,
  • Stack of skills to enhance a resume.

For an entrepreneur,

  • Business Growth and Expansion,
  • Better Content Generation,
  • Generate more leads,
  • Increase in number of Customers,
  • Increase in Revenue.


Digital Marketing Courses in India

Ediify offers the Best Digital marketing Courses in India. we have a tendency to make sure that we have a tendency to get the Best school from the business to conduct our Digital marketing Training.

we have a tendency to aren’t a conventional coaching setup; we have a tendency to square measure a Digital marketing Agency that gives Digital Marketing Courses at Our Digital marketing Institute. we have a tendency to guarantee individuals get exposure to measure dashboards of the purchasers that we have a tendency to work for. 


Once individuals complete their course they’re created to figure on our live project underneath the steering of a project manager. As a matter of truth, Digital marketing is the fastest-growing and most promising sector within the gift times. Jobs square measure descending during this field associated with it’s increasing at an exponential rate. there’s hardly anyone UN agency has not detected digital marketing. To become an accomplished and accomplished skilled during this field you would like the Best coaching. 

Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

A well-designed coaching course from knowledgeable institute which can cause you to industry-ready and that we take enjoyment of introducing Ediify because the Best Digital marketing Courses in India.


The institute can arm you with the proper ability set and information in each sphere of digital marketing. We have a tendency to square measure a well known Digital Marketing Courses Center in India and that we believe gives the scholars the Best Digital Marketing Courses.

We’ve been operational as a digital marketing institute in India for years, providing A to Z of digital marketing to our students through the Best trainers within the business. Our digital marketing category in India is ready-made to require care of all the niches that comprise digital marketing. you’ll be able to enrol in any of those courses as per your preference or necessities and rest assured that you simply can learn from the Best and acquire an active expertise.

Best Digital Marketing Course in India

Our Digital Marketing Courses centers in India cover all the parts of digital marketing. So, you’ll be able to enrol for associate SEO (search engine optimization)course that will increase the traffic on a web site through organic search results in addition as SEM (search engine marketing) courses that embrace SEO in addition as paid advertising.

we’ve a educational program dedicated to SMO (social media optimization) that aims to maximise the presence of a complete on the social media platforms. The digital marketing course conjointly features a section covering WordPress (the widely-used and most well-liked content management system) that teaches regarding WordPress’ operating intimately. Ediify conjointly has courses on show advertising (advertising on apps and websites within the kind of text, image, video, flash, and therefore the like), Google analytics (analysis of knowledge from Google search results), ORM (online name management that takes complete care of a complete on the web platform), mobile marketing (marketing through email, MMs, apps and therefore the like that reaches intent on customers on their smartphones), email marketing (marketing through emails and newsletters) and content marketing (creating content that retains and attracts customers on on-line platforms).


you’ll be able to check in for associates of those digital marketing Training in India and acquire training through the web in addition as an offline medium. We have a tendency to even have on-line SEO, SEM, SMO, beside on-line courses for mobile marketing, email-marketing, and on-line WordPress courses.

We square measure one amongst the oldest and therefore the best Digital Marketing Courses centre in India. we’ve heaps of Freelancing opportunities which might assist you with freelancing opportunities. we have a tendency to offer you on-line access to coaching material with all the videos and shows. we’ve designed a web platform that helps our students keep connected with Us.. the web community discusses case studies often to stay student updated and relevant. Our customers mean everything to Us. we try to convey you the Best expertise possible!


Digital Marketing Courses We Offer

The one-stop destination for developing your knowledge based mostly on digital Marketing data is beyond question the Ediify Institute. we have a tendency to area unit a web academy, one in every of its kind entity, our offerings comprising a rightful mixture of knowledge based mostly coaching, certification and a worthy place. Recognized because the best Digital Marketing Courses institute in India, language up for our digital Marketing category would definitely assist you in grabbing employment of your dreams within the long-standing time. Digital Marketing course is the best way to upgrade your resume. With an avid and knowledgeable team of instructors by our facet, Ediify Institute provides you a chance to find out digital Marketing courses from the trade professionals. To master your digital Marketing course and remain the highest of the sport, select the simplest Digital Marketing Courses course in India.

Ediify Institute offers a massive array of digital Marketing courses in India. From the basic and beginners SEO course to the most recent and sought-after Google analytics course, we provide coaching in every of the segments that comprise the umbrella known as digital Marketing. The courses area unit created offered to students within the on-line furthermore because the offline format which suggests you’ll learn as per your convenience.

All the courses together with digital Marketing, Search Engine optimisation, Search EngineMarketing, social media Marketing, email Marketing, WordPress, Google analytics, on-line name management, show advertising, mobile Marketing, and content Marketing area unit offered in twin format. you’ll choose any of those courses and acquire coaching from consultants World Health Organization can equip you with all the mandatory skills via study material, discussions and live events. every of those courses has been designed by master trainers and so,

you’ll make certain of elaborated learning. So, whether or not you’re a newcomer trying to find out the ropes of digital Marketing or an expert craving to sharpen and update your skills.

Best Digital Marketing Institute in India

Have you ever wished to switch your career into Digital Marketing? Then Ediify offers you a certified Digital Marketing Courses in India .Your key to success in the Digital Marketing course is practising the skills you learn each week. And this is what sets us apart from others because we bring the real world in. We are also a Digital Marketing Agency that trains you to try out the various digital marketing applications on live projects.The Classroom Training for Digital Marketing at Ediify arms you with the relevant hands-on-skills and puts your strengths and passions into practical use.

Our students come from a wide range of educational backgrounds like housewives, entrepreneurs, dentists, fresh graduates which bring valuable perspectives, strengths and ideas to the classroom. We offer full placement support be it for Digital Marketing Jobs or freelancing opportunities in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing classes in India

Ediify in India operates the city’s oldest and also the most famous schoolroom coaching and certification courses in Digital Marketing. Ediify has attained a name collectively of the foremost effective schoolroom Digital Marketing courses in Vashi, India.

We aren’t a typical coaching centre. we’ve associate degree in-house Digital Marketing Agency that trains you much to become a licensed Digital merchant. As a result of the sole thanks to learn Digital Marketing it’s by doing it. Students start a schoolroom coaching journey on weekends and weekdays that covers the fundamentals of Digital Marketing. Students additionally learn the newest ways to make a career in Digital Marketing or additional develop their existing role inside their current company.

We have trained 1000+ students up to now. With our well-structured and consistently crafted information, we have a tendency to facilitate form inventive leaders of tomorrow. We’ve started the Digital Marketing Course In Vashi, Indiawith a mission that permits students to severally handle shopper comes.

we have a tendency to additionally train students to become a full-time freelancer in digital Marketing with the topics together with — SEO, PPC, display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Strategy formation, on-line name Management & Analytics.

Our course introduces students to digital Marketing as an associate degree integral Marketing tool for on-line whole management, client engagement, and business growth. style the longer term you wish with a Digital Marketing Courses in India.

Digital Marketing Training Institute in India

What makes Ediify stand out is that every single employee has a stake in the company’s success. We are very team driven and have 3 branches all over India. We are now excited to move forward with our latest Digital Marketing Training branch in India. We are extremely overwhelmed with

the response that we have received in the last 4 years in India. We are an organisation set up with a clear mission. Ediify sets a benchmark, and they up-skill & standardise the level of training and expertise of digital marketing professionals. We provide hands-on experience to fast-track your career or to We offer a friendly and diverse learning environment with lots of placement support. Both weekday and weekend programmes in Digital Marketing are conducted in our India centre to improve your current position in the market. Our aim is to equip you with the most relevant and latest developments in Digital Marketing.

We update our course curriculum regularly in order to thrive in an ever-changing industry. By the end of this program in Thane, students will learn about the tools required for the development and execution of digital marketing campaigns to engage customers and create business growth. The certified Digital Marketing Course at Ediify, India will help you to get exposed to the latest trends in online marketing, relevant social media strategies, search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Adwords and analytics.